Invest And Trade Cryptocurrency By Using The News Spy Software

The News Spy is a legitimately registered trading system ultimately sketched for the purpose of investing in, as well as trading cryptocurrency. To ensure its users buy and sell cryptocurrencies blissfully, The News Spy puts forward a crypto trading software based on a sophisticated algorithm more efficient than human calculation.

With such an algorithm, it then becomes realistic to scrutinize and breakdown the latest crypto market data in milliseconds. Afterward, trading deals foreseen to benefit users are selected and executed on their behalf. All end-users need to do is relax and await the proceeds from trading.

The interface of The News Spy website is designed to make sure users can easily comprehend the processes of trading. This is to ensure the best and most enthusiastic experience. The software can be utilized by anyone who seeks a stress-free way of earning passive income.

Cryptocurrencies available on The News Spy trading system

Several types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), can be traded using the The News Spy application. Amongst them are:

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

About The News Spy trading system

The News Spy trading platform is characterized by several attributes that’d be discussed later on. Before then, let’s talk about the owners.

Who’s The News Spy software owner?

There are many sources online proclaiming John Mayers as the developer and founder of The News Spy trading system. However, there’s no substantial information on the official The News Spy website to verify Mayers or any other person as the owner of the platform.

What The News Spy can offer you to experience?

  • Dual trading system. It features both manual and automated modes of operation.
  • 98% success rate. When using automated trading mode you don’t have to worry that you might’ve missed something out.
  • Swift trading process. It allows for productive deals to be sealed before they turn stalemate.
  • Dedicated and competent analyst team. They provide manual traders with crypto market news report, help in choosing the best deals, and subsequently, earn great profits.
  • Daily profit generation. There are no restrictions on how many times you can trade, so learn and enjoy this crypto magic every second.

All features of The News Spy reputable platform

The News Spy has got so many features ranging from specific utilities to security components. Here’s a rundown of some of the most important characteristics:


The News Spy trading software is ultimately encrypted with the highest form of internet security. The aim of this is to both protect the identity of users and ensure the confidentiality of their trading and investment transactions.


The trading platform is designed in a friendly manner such that individuals with no prior experience in cryptocurrency trading can make use of the application without a sweat. This allows for an enjoyable The News Spy experience.

User assistance

Once you’re a registered member of the trading platform, The News Spy offers lifetime support for you with 24/7 availability. There’s a contact link below the webpage. Click on it and you’ll find a type box where you can input your name, email address, and the message you intend to pass across.

Initial deposit

With the intention of making trading unproblematic, The News Spy requires a $250 starting deposit, which is quite an affordable amount compared to what other similar trading platforms offer.

Multiple supported devices

The News Spy website can be accessed through any mobile or immobile device, including phone, tablet, laptop, and computer. As long as the device can be connected to the internet, every other thing becomes secondary.

Swift verification

The News Spy confirms the legitimate contact details provided by its users in a short period. The essence of verification is to ensure the details provided are correct and to prevent sensitive information from being sent to unaccredited individuals.


The News Spy cryptocurrency trading software was established to allow every single user to share their experience with the world. A feature that’s unavailable on most trading websites. This is a one-of-a-kind software that’s confident in its capabilities.

They’re not terrified of letting users share their trading outcomes, good or bad. And to a large extent, this will allow for necessary improvements in the quality of the software.


The News Spy trading system was tested and the outcome of the result indicated the absence of any form of hidden fees. The software is entitled to a fixed percentage of trading proceeds. Asides from that, no other extra payment is required. The News Spy doesn’t require any fees for the payout, deposit, or withdrawal.

Demo segment

The News Spy website is designed to allow inexperienced traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency. To make trading easier for them, a training demo mode is provided for everyone upon registration to aid them in understanding the core of crypto transactions better.


It was ascertained that the brokers associated with The News Spy are legitimate and experienced. Brokers from different parts of the world are involved in monitoring the platform’s activities. This is done to ensure ease of use for users in every part of the globe.

Benefits of using The News Spy trading system

  • Free and easy registration process.
  • Affordable amount as a starting deposit.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Leveraged trading.
  • Absence of hidden charges or fees.
  • No undue restrictions involved in the process of withdrawal and payout.
  • Accessibility on any device, mobile, or desktop.
  • 24/7 customer service.

Negative sides of The News Spy trading system

  • No mobile application.
  • Restricted amount of cryptocurrencies to trade.
  • Absence of official information on the software owners.
  • Unavailable in some countries.

Steps to join The News Spy trading bot

These simple steps are meant to be completed within 5 minutes and then you have your money-making software in place. The process includes:


The News Spy trading system necessitates the following in the process of registration:

  • Visit the official The News Spy website.

  • Type in your first name in the appropriate description box made available.
  • Input your last name.
  • Enter your e-mail address.
  • Type in your valid phone number correctly, then click the login button.

The process is finalized by an email which congratulates you on the completion of your account creation. After receiving the email, you’re ready to make deposits which get processed in seconds.

Demo mode

After you’ve conducted The News Spy login, you’re advised to make proficient use of the training/demo account. This is where you’re made to learn and understand the nooks and crannies of trading. It’s aimed to prepare you for the actual, live trading.

This feature allows beginners or amateur traders to learn thoroughly the processes involved in trading cryptocurrency by using The News Spy software. However, it’s not compulsory to engage in the demo mode. You can proceed to the next stage after the successful registration has taken place.

Account funding

A low deposit of $250 is necessary to be deposited into your The News Spy account. This can be carried out using any payment method of your choice. You could use either MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, PayPal, Webmoney, or bank transfer.

Live mode

Following the completion of payment, you can proceed into the actual trading zone wherein you’ll trade in real currency. This trading can be carried out manually by users themselves or automatically with the help of the trading robot.

Either way, a mind-blowing profit is on its way if the provided analysis is done correctly and every information is adhered to.

The News Spy login

After signing up for your The News Spy account and engaging in some form of trading, you’re advised to log out. To make use of the account again, visit the official website of The News Spy and press the login button. You’ll then be required to input the email address and password.

FAQ about The News Spy software

Is The News Spy a legitimate or fake trading platform?

All information available at your disposal indicates that The News Spy system isn’t a scam. This fact is further verified by the testimony feature made present on the website, which allows every user to publish their experience with the trading system. So far, positive comments outweigh the negative ones.

Does The News Spy have a mobile app?

There’s no valid evidence to indicate the existence of The News Spy mobile application. However, the trading software can be accessed through the company’s website. The process is easy and comfortable to carry out.

Does The News Spy allow for leveraged trading?

Yes, with The News Spy platform you can easily share an investment deposit with a broker. And by extension, you also share the risks involved during trading. The trading system supports your choices and comes to help whenever you need it!

Is it possible for me to delete my The News Spy account?

Yes. To do this, you’re required to withdraw all of the money. Afterward, you’re mandated to submit a request to your affiliated broker and to The News Spy platform itself. Other instructions should then be followed as required.

How can my profits be withdrawn?

The News Spy offers a payout system where trade profits can be cashed out and withdrawn within 24 hours after concluding deals.

Are hidden charges present?

Asides from the fixed commission The News Spy is entitled to, no extra form of fees whatsoever are required to be paid by users.

How much of my day will the trading take?

On average, users spend about 20 minutes of their time on the platform to set up some minor things. Afterward, individuals can go about their daily lives as normal.

Tips for The News Spy potential users

  • Be vast on the nature of cryptocurrency, especially in terms of how volatile its market is.
  • Do adequate research on the trading system chosen.
  • Make use of the demo mode before thriving into the actual trading zone.
  • Use affordable money for the deposit. A potential loss should in no way affect negatively your financial status.
  • Don’t log into your trading account from untrusted devices. Moreover, log out once a trading session has been completed.


The News Spy has succeeded in providing a distinguished trading system where users can honestly give a review of their experience on the platform. This form of transparency is astonishing. Individuals who intend to make use of the platform should, however, take into consideration the tips for profitable crypto transactions. Start trading and making money now!

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