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Bitcoin Trader is one of the most reputable trading systems that offer all an opportunity to trade cryptocurrency using an automated mode. Based on the research conducted, Bitcoin Trader has a legitimate license that gives them the right to own and operate a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Activities of the automatic trading system mode offered by the bot are executed by a trading robot with Artificial Intelligence (AI.) To a very large extent, it then becomes possible for many to earn a substantial passive income which in fact could be more than their active income.

However, it mustn’t be discounted that individuals who are professionals or who want to test their trading capabilities can also engage in manual trading using the Bitcoin Trader app.

Cryptocurrencies traded on Bitcoin Trader trading system

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tron
  • Monero
  • EOS
  • Dash

About Bitcoin Trader software

From the thorough research carried out, there’s no concrete evidence to verify the identity of Bitcoin Trader proprietors. The platform’s official site didn’t indicate any news about the developers. Hence, as of now, it can be asserted Bitcoin Trader is owned by an anonymous.

Facts about Bitcoin Trader trading system

  • Bitcoin Trader evolved 2 years before the cryptocurrency boom of 2015.
  • The software was amongst the primal that employed the phenomenon of high-frequency trading patterns to cryptocurrency trading.
  • The system utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve accuracy in dealing with a wide array of data.
  • Up to 300% of investment profits are achievable using Bitcoin Trader.
  • Crypto pairs like Bitcoin/USD and Bitcoin/XPR with about 45 others are available on the platform.
  • Bitcoin Trader has, since inception, won several awards from the American Trading Association (ATA,) such as Most Profitable Crypto Robot in 2017, Best Trading Technology Robot in 2018, and Most Profitable Robot in 2020.

What Bitcoin Trader software offers to users

Asides from the fact that the system provides automated trading, the test conducted further depicted the ease of use of Bitcoin Trader which allows crypto traders to experience good sessions. With this trading bot, it’s easy to navigate the website, set up some functions, sit back, and watch the money flow into your account.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Trader’s customer service is said to be top-notch. This could help in creating a warm and hospitable environment for everyone to trade. It’s also possible for users to earn up to $1,000 profit daily from using the Bitcoin Trader website. This fact has, however, not been verified, as profits depend on how much is put into the investment.

The state-of-the-art algorithm present therein is capable of fishing out and executing deals, the most profitable trading deals, for individuals. With little to no intervention on their part, users need to spend less than 20 minutes on the app per day. This is perfect for everyone.

Special attributes of Bitcoin Trader software as a cryptocurrency platform

A combination of generic and specific attributes graces the Bitcoin Trader system appropriately and makes it ideal for easy usage. Here are the things making the bot stand out, they include:


Of the many cryptocurrency trading platforms available, Bitcoin Trader has proven to be among the reliable ones. It was observed that its rate of accuracy is significantly over 90%, given that the market condition is appropriate.

Top-notch technology

By making use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, Bitcoin Trader successfully creates a platform with the lowest risk of failure or losses. Data can be derived from the crypto market key trends with ease, analyzed promptly, and trading activities are executed swiftly.


Just as Bitcoin Trader has a legitimate license to operate, the brokers affiliated with the software are also up to standard. These competent ones are sourced from different localities. This is done to connect users with the best broker in proximity.


The personal information given by individuals in the process of registration is subject to verification. The purpose of this is to ensure the valid dissemination of information to the appropriate member. Also, through this, unauthorized personnel are blocked from gaining access to users’ accounts.


Bitcoin Trader offers one of the most unambiguous and swift payout systems. The earnings of users are said to be commensurate with the profits they acquire. No hidden charges are present.

Payment options

Users of Bitcoin Trader are provided with different methods of payment, such as MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, MoneyGram, and Western Union amongst others, to make deposits into their accounts. For investment or trading purposes.


Proceeds from trade or investment can be cashed out by Bitcoin Trader users 24 hours after sealing trade deals.

Benefits of using Bitcoin Trader trading system

  • Security
  • Ability to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Ease of website navigation
  • Friendly graphical user interface
  • Availability of demo training mode
  • Absence of hidden charges
  • Licensed and professional brokers
  • Steady customer support system
  • Swift withdrawals
  • A transparent system of payout
  • Multiple payment methods

Negative sides of Bitcoin Trader trading system

  • No mobile application for Android or iOS
  • Not 100% accurate
  • No concrete information about Bitcoin Trader owners

How to join Bitcoin Trader platform?

The process is short and simple. It typically won’t take beyond 5 minutes. Here are the involved steps in joining the Bitcoin Trader bot.

Requirements for joining Bitcoin Trader cryptocurrency trading website

  • A browsing gadget — phone, laptop, tablet, or computer
  • An internet connection (via a data plan or WiFi connection)
  • Succinct knowledge about cryptocurrency including the involved risks
  • A starting deposit of minimum $250
  • About 20 minutes of your time every day

Registration process

  1. Pay a visit to the official Bitcoin Trader website.
  2. Type in your first name.
  3. Input your last name.
  4. Enter your accessible e-mail address.
  5. Put in your valid phone number and click the “OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT BUTTON” button.

Training mode

After the successful creation of your Bitcoin Trader profile, you can decide to fund your account. However, it’s much advisable to engage yourself in the demo mode. There, you’re taught the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading by using imaginary cash to trade. This prototype is just to help users familiarise themselves with the way things are to be done.

Deposit cash to you account

After the demo training is completed, users are mandated to fund their accounts with a minimum of $250. Afterward, the most appropriate brokers are assigned to individuals. Bitcoin Trader works with licensed and fully regulated providers.

Active trading

After the above conditions have been fulfilled, users are to set up the trading conditions they find most suitable for themselves and turn on the auto trading mode. Or otherwise, begin trading manually by themselves or a trusted and experienced individual. Those who choose to make use of automated trading are advised to leave the software running for up to 8 hours.

Subsequent logging in

To access your account after logging out, you’re required to re-visit the website of Bitcoin Trader, enter the email and password, and then click the login button.

FAQ’s regarding Bitcoin Trader software

Is Bitcoin Trader legitimate or a scam?

From the information provided on its website, coupled with the recorded testimonies of users, it can be asserted Bitcoin Trader is a real cryptocurrency trading system. They’re licensed and registered as appropriate.

Has Bitcoin Trader initiated a mobile app?

Currently, there’s no Bitcoin Trader mobile app available on Android or iOS. Notwithstanding, the platform can be accessed through their website. Information was, however, received that the software will release an official application by the end of the year.

Is registration free?

Bitcoin Trader was tested and it was ascertained the process of registration is absolutely free and secured.

Can I withdraw cryptocurrency?

It’s impossible for this to occur. All your crypto profits are transformed into the equivalent of your local currency before cashing out/withdrawals can take place.

Are there any undue charges?

Individuals who make use of Bitcoin Trader automated trading system (via the bots) are required to pay a very little commission from their profits as service charges. However, those who utilize the manual mode aren’t mandated to give any form of commission. They own all of their earnings.

What payment methods are supported by Bitcoin Trader software?

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Western Union
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • FasaPay
  • MoneyGram
  • WebMoney
  • Wire transfer

Is Bitcoin Trader available everywhere?

Bitcoin Trader is accessible in about 120 countries within Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. As long as you can access Bitcoin Trader through normal browsers and not VPN, you can trade successfully on the platform.

How much can I use to begin trading?

The smallest amount of money needed to kickstart your Bitcoin Trader experience is $250 only. It’s claimed with such an amount, users are capable of earning up to $1,000 as profit.

Quick tips for potential Bitcoin Trader investors

  • Start trading with a little amount of money.
  • Make an investment with money you can bear to lose if things go South.
  • Make detailed research on the cryptocurrency of your choice and the trading software you wish to use.
  • Don’t log into your trading system from an untrusted device to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Keep the details to log into your account private. Not to be disclosed to anyone.
  • Consider the service charges.
  • Cash out your profits immediately after a trading session is completed.
  • Don’t engage in manual trading except if you’re a professional and experienced cryptocurrency trader.
  • Don’t engage in leveraged trading while being a trading beginner.


The Bitcoin Trader software has been researched deeply. With the success testimonies being visible, the trading system offers mind-blowing benefits. Making profits is, however, dependent on the current state of the crypto market. Hence, potential users are admonished to undertake personal research so as to maximize the potentials of the Bitcoin Trader cryptocurrency trading system. Register and make your first gains today!

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