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Many have come across the workings of this trading platform and have left thinking that Bitcoin Superstar is a scam or a fake site. But the reality is far from that. This cryptocurrency trading platform is just like any other, with real-time trading indices, a myriad of crypto and CFD spreads plus technical trading tools to help brokers find the best exchanges. The only thing that distinguishes Bitcoin Superstar from any other forex and financial exchanges site on the Internet is its unique auto-trading option. Interest piqued? Read on to find out what this auto-trading system is all about and how it’s about to change your rags to riches.

What is Bitcoin Superstar?

Of course, the first thing you would want to know now is what exactly is Bitcoin Superstar. It is actually a cryptocurrency auto trading platform. It was developed by a group of software engineers who were keen on breaching into the crypto market but did not have the know-how. As a result, they developed an auto trading bot to help them locate the best trendlines on the market and the most profitable trades. These AI-powered bots are fed years, even decades worth of financial data, significant events, exchange rates, transactional details, and more, allowing it to use those as a base to pick out gainful trades in real-time trading.

How does auto trading work?

The bots, as you know, are AI-driven and have a large chunk of data in storage. Once you set a few parameters like the trade budget, stop limits, asset type, and a few others, the bot goes to work searching for trades that match your requirement and automatically completes the trades for you. You can control the duration of each auto-trading session and even set the bots to work all day since crypto trade markets are open around the clock.

Can I trust Bitcoin Superstar?

The main quandary many people face about the Bitcoin Superstar website is the trust factor. But, what it offers you is a secure and safe platform to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, courtesy of its licensed operations. The site also adheres to the data protection policies outlined in the GDPT and have safeguarded user data with the latest in data encryption technologies.

Key trading features

There are several key tools on Bitcoin Superstar that help brokers enhance their trading experiences and be able to isolate potentially profitable trends. These tools are provided to users at no additional charges and can be supplemented with verified, open-source trading scripts if you’re savvy with technology. Here’s a quick look at what Bitcoin Superstar has to offer its users.

Accurate, real-time trading charts

The trading charts on Bitcoin Superstar can be displayed in different forms, with a variety of indicators, like the candlestick, line, and a few others. Each of these graph types has an individual significance for different asset types. Specific indicators give a more meticulous look at the trends of each asset type. Market points are updated a fraction of a second faster compared to major trade markets. This gives the trading bots an upper hand when it comes to scoring winning trades ahead of everyone else scouring the market.

Social trading

This feature is particularly beneficial for newcomers to the crypto trading scene. How it works is that Bitcoin Superstar cherry-picks some of its high performing traders and displays their strategies for the benefit of other users. Other brokers can then begin to mirror these users’ trading patterns and habits to replicate the winning trades on their portfolio as well. Social trading is also a good way to quickly pick up working trading strategies, by way of learned skill-building.

Forecast instruments

As with any trading platform, Bitcoin Superstar also has many projection tools to help traders figure out future trends based on the current market. The great thing is that these projections can be saved right on your dashboard and edited at any time. You can also choose to set an alert for a spike or drop of interest to you. When the market reaches the point, you will be notified of it via a push notification on your mobile or have an alert email sent out.

News feed

Believe it or not, this simple area is regarded as a gold mine to traders who are skilled enough to harness the data and information this unsuspecting section has to offer. The news feed area is where brokers get their daily dose of updates in terms of financial, political, and even technological happenings. Each of these events may potentially cause movements in the market. Hence, traders watch like a hawk for any significant news in order to put in place their contingency plans and breakeven strategies. In some cases, news events can also lead to a quick, but substantial profit, if you play your cards right.

Demo account

The demo account is a great asset to newbies and seasoned brokers alike. Users are allowed a specific number of virtual credits at no charge to use on the demo site. The charts displayed on the demo is in real-time, so users can have a taste of the real rush of trading, without the stress of prior commitment. This is a great channel to pick up trading skills and an eye for identifying profitable trends. Even experienced traders occasionally return to their demo versions to test out a new strategy or projection.

Market watch

This area allows traders to keep a close eye on assets that are of interest or those that they are going to invest in. Saving an asset to the watchlist gives you the complete trading data of the asset as well as highlights of notable movements. These are saved on the dashboard and can be viewed at any time. Market watching also helps detect any discrepancy, glitch, or unnatural market movements to keep the crypto trading scene fair and transparent.

Why trade with Bitcoin Superstar?

Lots of people have brokers manage their investments in the general stock market and don’t seem to see the point of investing in such a volatile market as that of cryptocurrency. But, the Bitcoin Superstar experience will have you convinced that cryptocurrency is the way to go. Additionally, digital currencies are slowly strengthening their grip on the economy and soon will be the replacement for cash and fiat currencies, as more and more people move on to the cashless life.

I’m not a broker – how do I trade?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the crypto trading world because it is possible for you to pick up the skills you need as you progress. New traders are often advised to look to the social trading area for strategies that they can use in their own asset portfolios. The demo account is also a great opportunity to test out trades in a real trading market environment, without losing actual investments on your end. Afterward, all you need to test your newfound skills is to make the first investment of $ 250 and grow your assets from there.

Can I join Bitcoin Superstar?

Now that you’re equipped with all you need to know about the workings of Bitcoin Superstar and what it has to offer, you’re probably excited to get your own account on the site. Registration takes very little and can be completed in mere minutes. Here’s a detailed process of how you can get your very own Bitcoin Superstar account right now.

  1. Go to the Bitcoin Superstar official site.
  2. The short sign up form will be on the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Enter your personal particulars, like a first and last name as well as contact details on the form and hit “Register”. Do note that the site is only available to specific countries, at the moment. If your registration is not accepted, it may be due to regional restrictions.
  4. If your registration is successful, you will be sent an email with your login credentials. Proceed to log in and verify your account.
  5. Upon login, you will be directed to their digital transactions area where you will be asked to make a minimum deposit of $ 250. You can also choose to skip and proceed to the demo mode.

Is there a Bitcoin Superstar mobile?

At the moment the Bitcoin Superstar website is accessible via a mobile browser. The mobile site is intuitive and offers simplified navigation on a smaller screen size. This makes trading on mobile a breeze on-the-go. A Bitcoin Superstar mobile app is in the works and hopefully, it will be released soon with a more streamlined mobile interface and mobile-suitable trading tools.

Quick tips for newbies

Crypto trading can be a bit bewildering if you’re a complete newbie to it. Although there are several trading strategies you can pick up out there on the Internet, not many sites will be able to offer you valuable insider tips on the art of cryptocurrency trading. But don’t fret, we have those golden nuggets right here for you.

  • Always have a logical approach to trading. Trading with an emotional streak can often lead to impulsive moves that can later prove to be a costly mistake.
  • Never invest all of your paycheck at once. Do a bit of budgeting to see how much dispensable income you have at hand. As a rule of thumb, limit your investments to about 10% – 20% of your stable earnings.
  • Always keep an eye on your trading bots. They may be able to make trades and function with minimal interference, but the crypto market is a tricky one and can stump even the smartest AI bot. Check back often to adjust parameters and limits to ensure the lowest risks when trading.
  • Diversify your portfolio. Placing your investments all on a single crypto coin is akin to placing all your eggs in a basket. Having investments on multiple crypto coins not only safeguards your capital and also provides you with multiple profit channels.
  • Stick to the strategy. Although you may be tempted to follow your gut instincts based on a sudden spike or fall in the trend, the market still tends to follow its appointed course. Holding on to your strategies will prove beneficial in such volatile markets.
  • Copy others. If you see someone with a strategy that works for an asset that you have invested in., don’t be shy, just copy exactly what they do. That’s what all the elite brokers and big profit rakers do for all their assets.
  • Always have a breakeven strategy. This works as your safety vest, ensuring that you will be able to guard your capital investment, even if the trendlines happen to move further southwards.
  • Keep track of the news. The news ticker can offer you an insight into how the trends will be in the closest trade period. Use this to your advantage and strategize your trades accordingly.

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